Any Bloggers Out There???

It's been a long time! Any bloggers out there? Or is this a dead arena? Since I last posted, faith Baptist Fellowship in Lufkin is still clicking along. We are worshipping weekly, have added a 10:30 Bible study, and had a profession of faith last month. Personally, I was blessed to preach a revival at Grapeland MBC, and look forward to revivals at Harmony Baptist in Rusk, Holleyman Chapel in Maydelle, and Emmanuel MBC in Pollok. Family is great (except for the fact that Meagan is about to move to Huntsville for college), my health is great, and lately my desire to serve the Lord & remain in close fellowship with Him has been the driving force in my life. I am so thankful for Jesus. He is worth living for!

Faith Baptist Fellowship

It's been so long since I've blogged, I could barely figure out how to log in. Since I've last posted, I have begun work to try and establish an ABA work in Lufkin. Services have been going well. There is a great spirit among the people and our attendance has been in the 30's and low 40's. I greatly appreciate everyone's prayers and the support from other churches and Christians. Unfortunately, I have had to defend my motives and ministry to a fellow pastor due to someone's petty comments. It would seem that Christians would do their best to edify and encourage, not create suspicion and hurt. So much for that. The Lord knows my heart. I hope everyone is doing well (if anyone acually reads this) and that you KNOW that God loves you. I have so much to be thankful for and you probably do too. God bless you and may Jesus be magnified in your heart and life and mine.


"He who remains calm while those around him panics probably doesn't know what is going on."

Does Jesus Know?

Does Jesus know when He will return? Or only the Father?

Joel Cobbs Return To America

I have the greatest respect for Missionary Joel Cobbs & his wife Jenna. They have labored in Africa over twenty years, seeing thousands of souls saved and hundreds of churches established. Bro. Joel has stayed in my home several times and I love to visit with him about the work and his many experiences in Africa (some of which he is hesitant to share in the pulpit).

The Cobbs' August report states that they are returning to the states for good. Jenna's medical condition requires more attention than what can be provided in Africa. It is sad to hear that the Cobbs are leaving Africa, but they have been a missionary force in that region for many years and God has blessed them greatly. God has also protected them in tense situations. If any misionary could write a book, Bro. Joel has ample reason to. God's blessings upon he and his family in the transition.

The Ministry and Facebook

Facebook is used so differently by people. Some people seldom post anything, except maybe vacation pictures. Some people post when they adjust the thermostat, eat a meal, go to bed, etc. "To each his own."

Preachers use Facebook differently also. Some won't use it. Some occassionally do. Others post constantly.

I have posted a few times that I was preaching a revival somewhere, but most often I have not. A couple of times I have mentioned Sunday services, but I usually do not.

Surely no one is this naive, but if Facebook were used as a gauge of activity, some preachers might seem really busy, while others might seem like lazy dogs!

Not throwing any rocks here. Just making observations. Facebook can be another avenue to communicate, share, and spread the gospel. I suppose some preachers (and people) will continue to use it differently.

Colorado 2011

If you don't know it, I love Colorado in the summer. This past week, my son Logan and I met the Reeses in Leadville where daytime temps were around 70 and nighttime temps were in the low 40's. Logan and I stayed in a tent for 3 nights, but we were hardly roughing it. We had water, electricity, an air mattress, dvd player, etc.

On July 9th, we located the trailhead for Mt. Elbert, the highest mountain in Colorado. On July 10th, we awoke at 4 A.M. and began preparing for the climb. The summit is 4.5 miles from the beginning of the trailhead. We were on the trail at 5:05 A.M., with several of us using headlights in the semi-darkness. Talk about steep! We had to stop periodically and just breathe. Between 10 and 11 A.M., we rose above the tree line, which is usually around 12,000 feet. Within an hour or so, all members of the group began to struggle, physically and mentally. (Of course, Michael Reese and I already struggle mentally) :) The comments were pretty negative for awhile..."this is exhausting" "I can't go anymore" "Will we ever get to the summit?"

Within minutes, Logan became VERY altitude sick. It is called AMS (acute mountain sickness). He had a headache, stomach ache, fatigue, and was extremely disoriented. I knew we had to descend immediatley. AMS can occassionaly develop into HAPE or HACE which can be fatal. Michael and his group summitted an hour or two later, but in risky weather.

I carried Logan's backpack and mine for several miles and he began to improve. He was a real trooper and did his best. AMS strikes anyone, no matter how fit, or where they are from.

The next day, Logan and I drove east of Denver to Mt. Evans, another 14er. You can drive fairly close to the summit, and then, after a short hike, take in the breathtaking views. This was quite an enjoyable day with my son. Lots of snow still in the Colorado mountains this year.

We then travelled to Colorado Springs and toured the Olympic Training Center. What an inspirational place. After a day at Royal Gorge, we headed south to the promised land...Texas.

I look forward to going back to Colorado and attempting more 14ers. There are mountains that I would love to climb...Handies, Bierstadt, Uncompaghre, Massive...and oh yeah, there's also unfinished business on Elbert. I may have to attempt it alone in the future, but God willing, I will stand on the highest point in Colorado one day.

*If this has bored you, sorry. Blogs help me remember trips and such.
God bless.